Weekend Filming

Posted by Cara Mumford on Tuesday, July 3, 2012 Under: "When It Rains"

Weekend Filming

We filmed the Toronto portion of "When It Rains" this weekend in graffiti alley. I ended up with a great crew and will have some amazing footage! I also learned many lessons along the way, as with every film I make. The main lesson I learned on this one is to bring people on board earlier in the process, especially the Director of Photography. I wish I'd known Elisa Iannacone, my DP, back when I was grant writing for the film. Same thing with Production Manager Jeryn Daly. As it is, only Lead Choreographer & Dancer Sandra Lamouche was part of the team that early... and that was because we came up with the concept together! But I now feel like I have the beginnings of a team that I could work with go forward into my next film, which is kind of exciting, but I'll try to focus on finishing this film first!

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