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3 Days Left!

Posted by Cara Mumford on Wednesday, November 8, 2017, In : Film 
Ecstasy crowdfunding campaign ends on Friday, November 10. You can get a copy of the film as one of the perks! Check out our IndieGoGo page:

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Posted by Cara Mumford on Wednesday, November 8, 2017, In : Film 
An In-Depth Interview
about ‘Ecstasy,’ a short narrative film, with Metis/ Anishinaabe Filmmaker, Writer and Director -
Cara Mumford

By Heryka Miranda

In brief, what is the short narrative film Ecstasy about? 

Cara: To personalize the crisis of missing and murdered Indigenous women through the relationship of sisters. In the film, one sister is alive and the other sister is spirit. It is a journey to find healing from grief through spirit, dream and dance. 

I understand that the ballet, The Ec...

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Meet the Bizaanbakweg Collective: On Screen

Posted by Cara Mumford on Thursday, November 2, 2017, In : Film 
Introducing Heryka Miranda as "Marsha"

And Christine Friday as "Lori"

All biographies of collective members are available on the "Ecstasy" website:
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"Ecstasy" crowdfunding

Posted by Cara Mumford on Thursday, September 28, 2017, In : Film 

The Film

"Two sisters, both dancers...
One living, one spirit...
A healing journey through dance."

Ecstasy is the collaborative creation of the Bizaanbakweg Collective, a collective of women whose artistic activities are grounded in Indigenous cultural values and traditions, while working towards an enhanced future for Indigenous peoples.

Crowdfunding campaign: Ecstasy Post-Production on IndieGoGo

The collective members are (L-R) Rulan Tangen (Metis), Christine Friday (Temagami Anishinaabe), Elisa...

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